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A passion to reach those who live beyond the reach of traditional church culture

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This site contains information on Clergy Support Memorial National Church. For the most recent information on the Church & Clergy, please visit the individual provincial pages by clicking on one of the following links:

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Welcome to the Clergy Support Memorial Church – National

“It seems to me that the common modern definition of justice is making strong laws and locking people up if they don’t follow them; but the Biblical meaning of justice is making sure that all people in a society have equal access to food, shelter, a living wage, and the opportunity to live with dignity.” – Stephen H. Wright

Clergy Support Memorial Church is an independent Christian Church and part of the emerging church movement.

Our emphasis is not on buildings as in the traditional churches. Our emphasis is on outreach to those members of the public who have no source of Pastoral Care through House Churches, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Visitation, social media and a myriad of other pastoral methods.

Our headquarters Church in Ottawa became incorporated by Letter Patent May 27, 1997. It was recognized as a registered charity May 27, 1998.

Beginning with one minister in 1994, the national Clergy Support Memorial Church now has over 600 Ordained and Appointed, Designated Ministers (DM) in various Provinces.

Definitions and descriptions of how we minister vary from Province to Province but we always follow the individual Provincial Marriage Act to the letter of the law.



Please feel free to contact our chief Governing Official if you have questions or need clarification on any matter raised.

Casey McKibbon

Casey McKibbon
Chief Governing Official

We give back

Clergy Support Memorial Church is committed to giving back to the communities we serve and to the wider world around us.

Our many clergy across Canada also give back to their individual communities both financially and with their time as volunteers.

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