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Privacy Policy

When submitting information to this site we will ask you for some basic information about yourself, along with your email address. We do this to ensure that the information coming to and from our site is accurate and fair, and that communications are limited to legitimate correspondence. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE will we lend, sell or otherwise distribute this information to any other group, organization, or commercial entity. We respect your right to Privacy; if you feel that this right has been abused in any way by your participation in this website, please notify the webmaster who will further investigate any problem.

This web site complies with the W3C-P3P Privacy initiative. More information about the W3C-P3P Privacy initiative may be found at:

PICS Labeling

Content throughout this site has been rated and conforms to an internet industry standard known as PICS – the Platform for Internet Content Selection. The PICS specification enables labels (metadata) to be associated with Internet content. It was originally designed to help parents and teachers control what children access on the Internet, but it also facilitates other uses for labels, including code signing and privacy. The PICS platform is one on which other rating services and filtering software have been built. Parents who are interested in finding filtering software or ISPs that offer filtering will probably want to consult Full technical details of PICS can be found at the W3C site:

Accessibility Features of this Site

Throughout the creation of this web site, Universal Accessibility was a principle development guideline. Universal Accessibility ensures that all users can access the content of this site, regardless of the technology they use. It ensures that users with various disabilities (who may be using various adaptive technologies) can still access the important content of this site. It also ensures that users of alternative or cutting edge technologies such as web enabled cell phones may also access the content. Universal Accessibility is good for all!

A number of fundmental guidelines used include, but are not limited to:

  • Every graphic image will have an “alt” tag and a short description that is intuitive to the user. If a graphic image is used as a navigation element, it will contain text description and direction that is intuitive to the user.
  • Every graphic image that uses an image map, alternative text of the hyperlink will be provided.
  • The web site will have descriptive, intuitive text links and avoid the use of vague references such as “click,” “here,” “link,” or “this.”
  • An alternative form of access will be made available for online forms, such as an email address or phone number.
  • The use of frames will be avoided since they cannot be read intelligently by screen readers, create navigation problems and are not supported by all browsers. This site cannot be held responsible for sites outside our control that utilize frames.
  • Tables will include textual information displayed in a linear form across the table, as well as cells will be named to aid as reference.
  • Background colors will be avoided since color schemes can create problems with legibility.
  • To ensure inter-operability all pages contained within this site will validate to “published formal grammers”, as defined by the W3C.
  • Multiple browser testing will be conducted on the current versions of Netscape Navigator*, Internet Explorer and Lynx, as well as using screen reading technologies such as Jaws and Home Page Reader.

More information regarding Accessible web development may be found at While extensive testing was done on this site to ensure these goals were met, if you are a user of either adaptive technology or alternative technology and you experience any problems, the webmaster would appreciate hearing from you so that these problems may be corrected. Contact Casey.