Clergy Support Memorial Church

A Church Without Walls

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Our History

This ministry was formed in 1997 by people involved in the the Clergy Support Network, an outreach of ministers to ministers who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

In the early ’70’s, Casey McKibbon while a United Church cleric, began a study of the United Church that was called “Clergy Abuse”. It soon spread to other Christian traditions. It was before all the current talk of priests abusing boys etc. It became a study of how the various Church Denominations were hurting its clergy.

A network of concerned people evolved out of this ministry to become advocates for clergy in trouble and that group of caring people was called “Clergy Abuse”. Then later, to avoid confusion with the abuse problems in the Catholic Church, the network changed its name to The Clergy Support Network.

Advocacy is a big part of the Clergy Support Memorial ministry. Over the years, The Clergy Support Memorial Church has helped many thousands of clergy and their families who claim they are being mistreated by their denomination or their local church.

Forming the Clergy Support Memorial Church is but one example of the outreach of the Clergy Support Network.

The Church shares its portion of the “truth” through independent pastoral ministries, teaching, counseling, chaplaincies (paid and volunteer), house churches, and social justice projects etc. described in many places on this website.

Please feel free to contact our Chief Governing Official if you have questions or need clarification on any matter raised.