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Second Annual Health and Hygiene Trek to Nepal

Rev Andrea Benson McDougall of Ottawa is headed back to Nepal. In March 2023, Andrea brought health hygiene awareness to over 200 young women in rural Nepal and is returning in September 2024 to do it again.  This time, she has a goal to meet with 500 local girls and women. The program is delivered by a trained professional and includes information about cyber-safety and self-defense, as well as menstrual health education and sanitary kits. Each young woman receives a kit containing two sets of shields, eight liners, two panties, one towel, soap, one calendar and one small waterproof bag for after-use. They are made in Kathmandu for a cost of $12US.

Please consider making a donation.  Everyone who contributes will receive an invitation to follow her adventure blog.  No donation is too small.  Women’s Health and Hygiene Awareness Nepal 2024, organized by Andrea Benson McDougall