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The Journey Network: A tangible exchange of love and support in difficult times

Rev. B. Irene Eaves

I began this journey after the death of three friends in 2015. I was searching for specific gifts for people suffering from a serious illness, some who were terminal and some who were able to recover. Mostly people gift flowers, stuffed animals, or other trinkets but they are not specific for this particular time, and experience in life. I created some gifts to have for these circumstances. Once I started gifting them to people in need, other people started asking me for them. I then integrated them into my ministry by bringing them to family members when I was called to do prayers and hospice visits. Family members were grateful that they had something meaningful to give. In palliative care it provided an enormous amount of hope for people. I started carrying them in my briefcase just in case they were needed. As more people heard of them the requests became greater, so I then made a large supply of Hearts for Life (gemstone hearts that the ill person is asked to gift to those closest to them, creating a tangible exchange of love at a difficult time) and Hands Holding Hope (materials to make six bracelets; the patient will keep one and gift the others to those who have been supporting them through their illness).

Some of the challenges were to get good quality of materials shipped to me to be assembled. I wanted the product to be consistent and look like the picture. I also did not want to create and manage a new company and expand to just doing this one thing. I also did not have the funds to start a website and relied on word of mouth. A major milestone was being able to purchase some organza bags and gemstones at wholesale prices for a large discount. I was then able to hire two special needs people to assemble the products. Another major milestone was having over 800 products ready for people to purchase on very short notice.

With the grant from CSMC, I have recently purchased more materials and have created more giftware. I have also been able to hire an office assistant to manage the product requests and shipping as well as other tasks. I intend to integrate all of my services and products into one website. My ministry will expand into a larger community of people by having a website which is beyond word of mouth. My services include weddings, funerals, celebration of life, gatherings, namings, prayers, meditations, and hospice visits. I also will incorporate my art practice into my ministry which includes intuitive painting, paint and praise, and nature painting. It will be a one stop website. Currently I have all services and products on many different websites. I will still rely on word of mouth which has been amazing and aways will be.

Gift bag with beads for creating a braceletThe Journey Network will be the ministry and The Dancing Brush Studio will be the location. I have recently purchased a bus for my property that I am turning into a gallery, shop and workshop area.

I am further developing more products for people who need hope through addiction, mental health issues and grieving.

Ben the Bedside Bear — A classroom teacher or parent can purchase the bear with a backpack and the students write notes on scrolls and put in the backpack. The bear will then be gifted to a student in their class who has an illness.

Amy the Amazing Angel — A classroom teacher or parent can purchase the angel with her wings that have pouches and pockets. Students will write messages to a student who has died. The angel will be given to the family as a gift from the class.

Both products can be purchased for girls or boys. They are not gender specific. Each has 3 different versions to choose from. These products are a long-term goal. One version for each product will be developed with 25 of each for a test run.


“I  was so incredibly grateful to receive Hearts for Life and it gave me so much support and safety in knowing that I was looked after.” Alycia Morgan

“I was able to give my brother a loving gift from my heart and he felt it.” Tasey Taylor