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Religious Holy Days – July 2022

10th           Martyrdom of the Bab * – Baha’i
Commemoration of Ali Mohammed who was executed in 1850 by Persian political and religious powers. Observed by abstaining from commerce and work.

11th            St Benedict Day – Christian
Recognition of the father of the The Benedictine Order. It was the first Order of the Western Church Monastic tradition and lived by the Benedictine Rule.

13th           Obon (Ulambana) ** – Buddhist/Shinto
Festival to honor deceased ancestors. Involves lighting of bonfires, traditional meals, paper lanterns, folk dances, it’s also a celebration of the ritual of saving the deceased from torments after death.

23rd           Emperor Haile Selassie birthday – Rastafarian
Celebration honoring the founder.

25th           St. James the Great Day – Christian
Recognition of the martyrdom of the Apostle James the Great in 44 c.e

26th           Asalha Puja Day (Dhamma Day) ** – Buddhism
Also known as Turning of the Wheel of Teaching, it’s the observance of the day when Gautama Buddha made his first public proclamation to five ascetics at Deer Park, Banares. He taught the middle way, the noble eight-fold path and the four noble truths.


*Holy Days usually begin at sundown on the evening before this date
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