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Religious Holy Days February 2022

2nd         Candlemas – Presentation of Christ in the Temple – Christian
Celebration of the presentation of young Jesus in the temple to the aged Simeon. New beginnings are recognized. Candles are lighted.

Imbolc (Candlemas) * – Wicca/Neo Pagan
Celebration of the return of the sun and lengthening of days.

Saint Brighid of Kildare – Christian
Recognition of Brighid who displayed unusual compassion. She was brought up as a Druid and became Christian.

3rd          Setsebun (beginning of spring) – Shinto
Celebration of the change of seasons with the coming of spring with shouts of “Devils out, Good Fortune in”. Bean throwing protects against demons.

5th           Vasant Panchami – Hindu
Celebration dedicated to Saraswati, goddess of learning.

14th             St. Valentine’s Day – Christian
Celebration of the love of God presented in Jesus and in the lives of Christian believers. St Valentine was a 3rd century martyr. The love of God was preached by Valentine, even to the point of going against the law that no soldier was to be married for a time, Valentine still solemnized their marriages, and showed much love to suffering people, all of which eventually cost him his life circa 269 CE.

15th        Nirvana Day ** – Buddhist
A regional observance of the death of the Buddha.

24th        St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist – Christian
Remembrance of Matthew – apostle and martyr of the first century.

27th           Meatfare – Orthodox Christian
Observance, two weeks before the start of the Great Lent, preparing the faithful for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. This is the last day for eating of meat before the Great Lent.

Transfiguration Sunday – Christian
Commemoration of the experience on Mt Tabor when Jesus’ physical appearance became brilliant as his connection with traditional Jewish holy figures became evident to the disciples.


*Holy Days usually begin at sundown on the evening before this date
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