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Offering Tong Ren Healing

by Rev. Karen MacPherson Clark


I have been truly blessed with the support of so many as I take my dream of healing others to a new level. This dream would not be happening without the Clergy Support Memorial Church Micro-grant towards the purchase of Tong Ren Healing tools.

The healing arts that I do are a gift from God and therefore I believe that healings are an offshoot of my ministry. I cannot do what I do without God working through me

Helping others to heal is my ministry.

In 2012, The Community Healing Circle and Prayer Shawl Ministry was started in Belwood, ON. Our group meets monthly to extend God’s healing love through prayer. The meeting starts with a grounding meditation, an invitation to God, Jesus and the Healing Angels to join us. We then gather together to offer energy healing using Therapeutic Touch to those present and at a distance.

During our Covid lockdowns, the Community Healing Circle members have been blessed to be able to share distance healings via Zoom and Messenger.

In the spring of 2022, I, presented the idea of offering Tong Ren healing to our Community Healing Circle with the goal of having a Tong Ren Healing Circle.

Using Tong Ren healing may offer hope and support to those in the community that are experiencing concerns of mind, body and soul. Several of our members are interested and value the healing ability of using Tong Ren.

Our Healing Circle gives those in need a sacred place to come to experience God’s healing love.

What is Tong Ren?

Tom Tam developed the energy healing therapy, Tong Ren, that is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine thought of meridians within the body. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) these meridians are like roadways under construction or roads closed that cause friction, grief, destruction and new roads once the work is done.

In reality, Tong Ren assists with the healing of the body as Tong Ren utilizes the universal energy source to remove blockages along the body’s meridian lines, the bio-electrical and the nervous systems to restore the body’s natural ability to heal from many illnesses.

Tom Tam has been practicing Tong Ren for over 25 years. He has had great success with helping people with their bodily concerns including cancer with amazing results. People that have been given the advice from doctors that they only have weeks or months to live are doing well years later.

The Tong Ren Tools

Tong Ren ToolsAs a Tong Ren Therapy Practitioner, we use a magnetic hammer to tap on the specific meridians on an anatomical doll model. This doll represents the human body that we are working on. The tapping on the doll breaks down any blockages or resistance along the pathways allowing the practitioner to do distance healings.

All healing modalities are done with faith that they are working to help heal the mind, body or soul of another person. And, so it is.

The gracious gift of the micro-grant has allowed for the purchase of two Tong Ren Education Kits, two Tong Ren Essentials Kits as well as some Tong Ren dolls and hammers.

The Plan

The Community Healing Circle is planning on having a second evening of healing devoted to Tong Ren Acupressure. As members master the use of the Tong Ren tools the goal is to be able to offer healing to anyone free of charge.

Tong Ren Healing, as with all health & wellness information states that users must always consult your professional healthcare providers before beginning any new treatment or program. The information is not intended to serve as medical advice and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or disease. Tong Ren is NOT a substitute for professional medical care. The Healers connected to this healing modality assume no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from any action or inaction you take based on the information shared here in writing or at the Healing Circle.

There are no guarantees of healing.

No promises. No cures.

For those that might be interested in more information, there are testimonials on the site as well as several videos on YouTube.

Some of these testimonials have been cancer patients that were told to “go home. There is nothing else we can do for you.”  That happens to be years ago for many. Of interest maybe the Anti-Cancer classes.

Tong Ren is not a replacement for your doctor’s care.

Tong Ren is a complementary healing therapy that goes hand in hand with the advice of your medical team.

How Tong Ren is Done…

Perhaps the best way to tell you how to participate in Tong Ren Healing is to tell you how I do my healing. God’s healing love can be shared in five easy steps. These steps are not necessarily the way other Tong Ren groups do their meetings.

1 – My first step is to centre myself by taking some deep breaths and then activating the healing energy within. Activation is done by rubbing my hands together and then holding them apart so that I can feel the energy between my hands.

2 – A second step for me would be to use the power of prayer as I call forth guidance from God, Jesus and the Healing Angels. This Healing Circle is a sacred space.

3 – Taking a doll and hammer in hand, I would then start tapping on the head part of the doll as I envision the meridian energy points turning on like tiny lights. This procedure continues as I follow the meridians down the body of the doll.

Many people will not know the meridian points. Most people will not be able to envision tiny lights emanating from the meridian energy points. Others will say “I cannot heal others.” This is okay, for it is in the faith and knowledge of knowing that this healing modality really works that you will be rewarded – you are a healer!

4 – As Tong Ren continues, clients experiencing all different kinds of illnesses and symptoms may ask for healing for mind, body and soul. It is not the healer’s responsibility to know how healing happens for healing is left up to God’s will and the Universe.

5 – When I finish my session, I thank God, Jesus and the Healing Angels in prayer for their guidance. Some clients may request a prayer before leaving this sacred place of healing.

My Journey

When I first heard about Tong Ren in 2009, I thought there is no way that this practice can help anyone. This is crazy. Period. I was proven wrong.

After experiencing immediate backpain from lifting my camp gear out of the car, my friend and spiritual teacher, Allan Leeder, suggested that I stand with my hands on the back of a chair. This crazy man started hitting a plastic doll with a hammer. My back pain was gone within moments allowing me to enjoy the rest of the week at camp.

Within weeks of this uncomfortable incident, I had my own start-up kit and was on my way to helping others heal.

Recently, I was listening to Pastor Mark, from the Church of the Rock in Winnipeg. During his message he reminded us that people may have many trials in life but it is when people lose hope that their soul suffers most.

Perhaps, those burdened with illness may find HOPE within our Tong Ren Healing Circle.

God is Good.