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February Dates of Religious Significance 2021

Tuesday 2:

Candlemas – Presentation of Christ in the Temple, fulfilling Jewish rituals and presenting the infant Jesus to the temple.  Christian
Imbolc-Lughnassad  – Reflection on the power of the gods from which physical and spiritual harvest will come. Wicca/Neo Pagan

Wednesday 3:

Setsebun (beginning of spring) celebration of the change of seasons with the coming of spring with shouts of “Devils out, Good Fortune in”. Bean throwing protects against demons. Shinto

Monday 8:

Nirvana Day – a regional observance of the death of the Buddha. Buddhism

Friday 12:

Chinese New Year – Begins a fifteen Day Festival for Chinese people of all religions. Family reunions with thanksgiving and remembrance of departed relatives take place. Traditionally a religious ceremony honors Heaven and Earth. Chinese traditional

Sunday 14:

St. Valentine’s Day – Celebration of the love of God presented in Jesus and in the lives of Christian believers. St Valentine was a 3rd century martyr. This day is widely observed in the western world as a secular celebration of love.  Christian
Transfiguration Sunday commemoration of the experience on Mt Tabor when Jesus’ physical appearance became brilliant as his connection with traditional Jewish holy figures became evident to the disciples. Christian

Monday 15:

Nirvana Day – This holiday is observed on slightly different dates depending on region and religious tradition. Buddhist – Jain

Tuesday 16:

Vasant Panchami – celebration dedicated to Saraswati, goddess of learning. Hindu

Wednesday 17:

Ash Wednesday, Lent begins with an observance to begin the 40-day season of Lent. Ashes are marked on worshippers as a sign of penitence. Christian

Sunday 21:

Triodion Begins, a time period leading up to Lent. The liturgy involves hymns, odes and scriptures. Orthodox Christian

Friday 26:

Purim – a celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish minority in Persia from genocide. Charity to the poor, sharing food with friends, and vigorous merrymaking mark the observance. Jewish

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