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12 Afternoons of Hope Podcast

Following Rev. Lisa’s early efforts in starting her ministry in Hamilton, she has launched a podcast delving into the Bible and the hope that it offers. Lisa describes it as:

Hope * Anticipation * Promise * Confidence * Reward * Security * Gain * Buoyancy *This podcast is not for me, but for you. I want you, in the midst of your circumstances, to gain back whatever was lost. Hope always is there. I can testify that it always is in Jesus Christ, my Best Friend and my Saviour. So, each month I will be like a detective in the Bible, getting lost in the details, for you.Lisa Bynoe-Stevens, MDiv., Counsellor/Therapist, Wellness Presenter, Officiant of weddings, funerals and baby ceremonies, Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer, based in Ontario, Canada.

Listen now to all six episodes here.