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A Church Without Walls

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We believe God calls us to “go” and minister where people are, not just to wait for them to come to where we are at 11 on Sunday morning. That is the mandate of Christ’s “Great Commission” in the Bible.

Clergy Support Memorial Church is an independent Christian Church and part of the emerging church movement.

Our emphasis is not on buildings as in the traditional churches. An important part of our ministry is outreach to those members of the public who have no source of pastoral care. We do this through house churches, weddings, funerals, baptisms, visitation, social media, and a myriad of other pastoral methods.

Our headquarters church in Ottawa became incorporated by Letter Patent May 27, 1997. It was recognized as a registered charity May 27, 1998.

Beginning with one minister in 1994, the national Clergy Support Memorial Church now has over 600 Ordained and Appointed, Designated Ministers (DM) in various Provinces.


Each new minister shall finish the following units of ministerial study and training. Some of these units following are available on this page and also to be found in our Ministers Training Institute:

Theology – The History of Religions
Planning and Conduct of Services of Worship
Ordained or Appointed Ministry
Ethics and Morality – Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Care – Bereavement Ministry
Marriage Ministry
Practice of Holy Communion
Baptism & Welcoming ceremonies
Considerations for Diverse Sexualities and Genders
Community Leadership

CONTINUING EDUCATION (LEARNING FOR LIFE). It is the minister’s responsibility to assess his or her own interests and talents, to continue professional development each year, and to assist the congregation to develop other leadership and initiatives where she or he does not, or cannot, become active. It is particularly important that the minister be clear on the limits and limitations of his or her counseling.

TIME MANAGEMENT. Each minister will determine with the local Board use of his or her time. The emphasis of an individual’s ministry will be his or her choice. It is the minister’s duty to be responsive to the needs of the people from the selection of sermon topics to the necessity and frequency of parish calling.

EXPECTATIONS. Congregation and minister must seriously examine their respective expectations concerning the minister’s participation in committee work and in meetings within and without the congregation. Attendance at meetings relevant to the society’s program is part of the minister’s work week. However, a minister should be expected to spend no more than three nights per week involved in parish-related activities.





Organ Transplants: A community to support
March 24, 2023

Rev Nicola Wolters provides an update on her work to create a resource for companions and families of transplant patients. Read more.


New Clergy Talk Video
March 20, 2023

You can now visit the training portal to see new Clergy Talk videos. Click here to see February’s talk which featured Rev Karen McPherson-Clark providing an introduction to sharing God’s healing love through the practice of Tong Ren.


New Clergy Talks Sessions
Feb 15, 2023

We’re excited to offer a range of interesting topics with this new session. You can still register for tonight’s talk: Offering God’s Healing Love: Using Tong Ren as a healing energy with: Rev. Karen MacPherson-Clark. On March 15, Rev. Sheila Winter Wallace presents 21st Century Huna: Understanding your three selves to expand your ministry. See the rest of the details and upcoming schedule here.


Aaron’s Journey
Dec 5, 2022

Rev Peter Sheridan tells a story about how a tragedy inspired a hopeful Advent ministry. Read more


An Advent and Christmas Awakening
Nov 29, 2022

Rev Ann Marie Fitzgerald offers an Advent reflection on anticipating what is to come. Read more


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Giving Back

We are committed to continuing to give back to the communities we serve.

Our clergy across Canada also give back to their individual communities both financially and with their time as volunteers.

View some of the organizations we support.

Please feel free to contact our chief Governing Official if you have questions or need clarification on any matter raised.

Casey McKibbon

Casey McKibbon
Chief Governing Official
Kenmore (Ottawa), Ontario

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which our church headquarters gathers is the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People.