Clergy Support Memorial Church

A Church Without Walls

Marriage Policy

We AFFIRM that marriage is a gift of God through which Christians make a covenant with one another and with God in a service of worship.

In marriage we offer one another the promise of lifelong companionship, rich expression of human affections and sexuality, and nurture for the children.

Marriage as an institution can undergird each relationship and provide stability for society. We affirm the value of marriage and that the church must work both to redeem and care for the institution and to support those entering a covenant relationship with each other. Sadly, we acknowledge that marriage can also be destructive.

We AFFIRM that this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. It creates holy ground on which the two, and all others, must walk carefully and gently, yet forthrightly and with courage.

It has boundaries, between them, and with others, that may not be trespassed. It takes precedence over other relationships. It calls for that caring which heals hurt and tends growth.

Clergy Support Memorial church celebrates the marriage of:

  • same-sex couples
  • previously divorced people
  • couples of different faith backgrounds.