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Religious Holy Days June 2021

Religious Holy Days in June 2021 

Corpus Christi
Christian (in most catholic churches) celebration in recognition of the Eucharist – the Blessed Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ. The real presence of the body and blood of Jesus is honored.
– Christian

St. Columba of Iona
Christian recognition of Columba who began the famous community of Iona off the coast of Scotland in 563.
- Celtic Christian

16th Guru Arjan martyrdom
Sikh time of remembering those who have suffered for the faith. Observed by reading the Guru Granth Sahib.
- Sikh

New Church Day
Swedenborgian Christian (Church of the New Jerusalem) annual commemoration of the vision document, “The True Christian Religion”, by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1770.
- Swedenborgian Christian 

Christian observation of the day when the God the Holy Spirit came to the disciples in the forms of tongues of fire and rushing wind. It is a traditional day for baptism and confirmation of new Christians.
- Orthodox Christian

First Nations Day
Canadian First Nations (Natives, Metis and Inuit) most sacred day on the summer solstice. Communities hold feasts and invite guests. Also knows as National Aboriginal Day.
- Canadian Native People

Litha – Yule *
Wicca celebration of the sacred marriage in which energy of the gods is poured into the service of life.
- Wicca/Neo Pagan  Northern and Southern hemispheres

Saint John the Baptist
Christian remembrance of the birth of St. John the Baptist who announced the coming of Jesus, and called for the repentance of people in preparation for the upcoming Kingdom/Reign of God.
- Christian 


*Holy Days usually begin at sundown on the evening before this date 

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