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Religious Holy Days in December 2021


Saint Nicholas Day – Christian
Celebration of the birth of Saint Nicolas, patron saint of children and role model for gift giving. Many churches named for this saint who is also the Dutch version of Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas.


Bodhi Day  (Rohatsu) – Buddhism
Celebration of the time when Prince Gautama, later known as The Buddha, took his place under the Bodhi tree, vowing to remain there until he attained supreme enlightenment.

Immaculate Conception of Mary – Catholic Christian
Catholic Christian day of celebrating the belief that Mary, mother of Jesus, was preserved from original sin all of her life. A day of obligation and required church attendance.


Feast Day – Our Lady of Guadalupe – Catholic Christian
Catholic Christian honoring of a legendary appearance of the Virgin Mary on a mountain near Mexico City to a humble peasant, giving him the mission to bring a message from God to the bishop in 1531 C.E.

21st – 22nd    

Yule – Christian / Yule/Winter Solstice * – Wicca/Neo Pagan
Christian celebration of the light dawning in Jesus. Also, a Norse pagan celebration of the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth of the sun as the days begin to get longer.


Christmas * – Christian / Feast of the Nativity ** – Orthodox Christian
celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Observed by prayers, exchanging of gifts, and family gatherings.


Zarathosht Diso – Zoroastrian
Anniversary of the death of Prophet Zarathustra.

St Stephen’s Day – Christian
Remembrance of St Stephen, the first Christian martyr.


Holy Innocents – Christian
Day of solemn memory of male children killed by King Herod in the attempt to destroy Jesus.


Watch Night – Christian
Christian occasion to thank God for bringing people safely through another year. Controversial history. Protestant European Christian history dating from 1733 and in US 1770. Some sources link the observance to Black Christian celebration of Emancipation in 1862.

*Holy Days usually begin at sundown on the evening before this date
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