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March Dates of Religious Significance 2021

2nd– 20th

Nineteen Day Fast
Fast to be observed by adult Baha’is in good health – sunrise to sundown – no food or drink. Baha’i

Sunday 7th

Meatfare (Judgement) Sunday
Orthodox Christian observance, two weeks before the start of the Great Lent, preparing the faithful for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. This is the last day for eating of meat before the Great Lent. Orthodox Christian

Wednesday 10th

Lailat al Miraj
Islamic observance of Mohammed’s night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven. Islam

Friday 12th

Orthodox Sunday
First Sunday of Lent. Restoration of icons to the church is celebrated. Orthodox Christian

Maha Shivaratri
Festival in honor of Lord Shiva and his marriage to Goddess Parvati. Ceremonies involving prayers and hymns take place mostly at night. Special foods are not used. Hindu

Monday 15th

Clean Monday (Great Lent begins) – Orthodox Christian

Wednesday 17th

St. Patrick’s Day
Christian celebration of Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland in early days of the faith. Christian

Thursday 18th

Waqf al Arafa
Observance day during Hajj when pilgrims pray for forgiveness and mercy. Islam

Sunday 21st

Norooz (New Year) – Persian/Zoroastrian

Naw-Rúz (New Year)  – Baha’i

Ostara – Mabon
Wicca welcoming of spring and the goddess-as-maiden. Wicca/Neo Pagan

Orthodox Sunday
Orthodox Christian first Sunday of Lent. Restoration of icons to the church is celebrated. Orthodox Christian

Thursday 25th

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Christian celebration of Gabriel announcing to the Virgin Mary the coming birth of Jesus as the Incarnation of Creator God. Catholic Christian

Mahavir Jayanti
Festival honoring Lord Mahavira on the founder’s birthday. Shrines are visited. Teachings are reviewed and reflected upon. Jain

Friday 26th

Khordad Sal (Birth of Prophet Zaranthushtra). Zoroastrian

Sunday 28th

Lailat al Bara’ah
Night of Forgiveness. A night of prayer to Allah for forgiveness of the dead. Preparation for Ramadan through intense prayer. Islam

Magha Puja Day
Celebration of the presentation of teachings by Lord Buddha to and assembly of holy men. Buddhist

Palm Sunday
Celebration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The day begins Holy Week. It is observed by worship celebrations and parades using palm branches. Christian

28th – April 8th

8-day celebration of the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The story of the Exodus is recounted, and the ongoing struggle of all peoples for freedom from internal and external tyranny is celebrated. A special meal is a central feature. Also called Passover. Jewish

Monday 29th

Spring festival dedicated to the god of pleasure. It is observed in a colorful and boisterous manner. People shower each other with colored water and smear red and green powder on each other. Hindu

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