Clergy Support Memorial Church

A passion to reach those who live beyond the reach of traditional church culture

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Clergy Support Memorial Church (Alberta)

Our Mission: ‘A passion to reach those who live beyond the reach of traditional church culture’

Clergy Support Memorial Church in Alberta is part of the emerging church movement and is a member of the national church. It is interfaith and inter-traditional in its makeup.

Our emphasis is not on buildings etc. as in the traditional church. Our emphasis is on outreach to those members of the public who have no source of Pastoral Care through House Churches, Funerals, Baptisms, Visitation, the Social media and a myriad of other pastoral methods.

Our headquarters Church in Ottawa became incorporated by Letter Patent May 27, 1997. It was recognized as a registered charity May 27, 1998.

Beginning with one minister in 1994, the national Clergy Support Memorial Church now has well over 560 Ordained and Appointed ministers in various Provinces.

Definitions and descriptions of how we minister vary from Province to Province but we always follow the individual Provincial Marriage Act to the letter of the law.

All our clergy serve a gathered community of people attempting to minister and live out their particular faith tradition.

We offer:

    • Free Pastoral Care visits to friends or family in nursing homes, hospitals. If you know of a person who is not receiving a regular visit while residing in a care center let us know. We can visit and listen, read a favourite selection, have a moment of prayer, quiet etc. Especially do we want to hear from family members who are living far away and are concerned about a loved one in care far away.
    • Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies. We offer our services as funeral and wedding celebrants for non-denominational ceremonies for all people but especially those who have no connection or once had a connection with a religious institution. Life celebrations – civil funerals welcome as well.
    • Baptisms. We offer in home baptism, Christening, or welcoming Naming services. If you are not connected to a church we can help.
    • Home Church. Gathering for discussion and Meditation. We gather on a regular basis in small groups at various homes in Alberta. Meditate in quiet, discuss spiritual issues, become stronger in your world view. Phone our pastors for place and times. Public always welcome.
    • We have a large extended list of adherents who we stay in touch with through Social Media, Skype and our web pages.

How we define Membership and Ministry

In every Province we are committed to following the letter of the law as outlined in the various Provincial Marriage Acts but as a Church we reserve the right to define terms as authorized and defined by our Board Of Governors.

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Our purpose

The purpose of Clergy Support Memorial Church is to carry the ministry of Pastoral Care in proclaiming, teaching, and healing.

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